Books. FAES publishes books on different topics, in some cases reflecting the contributions made during conferences or seminars. The catalogue of our published books is available here.

Strategic ReportsFAES writes strategic reports on key matters for a better future. Many of these are also translated into English and other languages. 

Gota a Gota. FAES’ publishing house. Gota a Gota regularly publishes books of a political, economic, historical or sociological nature, available in bookshops. Our books study the new ideas and vicissitudes taking place in Spain today, the changes that are happening around the world, and the meaning and definition of classical liberalism in the history of Spain.

Cuadernos de Pensamiento Político. This is a quarterly journal published in Spanish with a meticulous presentation, featuring substantial articles written by Spanish and foreign experts covering a wide range of political, economic, social and cultural topics. You can subscribe to our journal here.

FAES Papers.FAES regularly issues and distributes by email and conventional mail a concise publication which reflects a specific thesis on a particular matter — usually a current affairs issue. Thousands of people already receive FAES Papers by email. Subscription is free and can be made here.

Documentation Centre. FAES has a library which includes an extensive collection of books and documents on philosophy, political theory, economics and various social issues as well as on the Partido Popular and many of its activities. Access to this documentation is available, under certain conditions, to all those wishing to consult it.