The risk of Hong Kong for China

Gerardo del Caz. Even though the validity of the current Basic Law is guaranteed until 2047, China wants to have Hong Kong controlled and seeks and integration with Beijing both in the economic and political field, and even in the affective one, which would say something much before. But, certainly, it has discarded giving their citizen the capacity to vote for their representatives. The reaction this may cause in Hong Kong is yet to be seen.

The military siege tightens around starving Venezuela

Nelson Rivera. All these military, police and institutional forces flout the law without counterweight. They act in the daylight with full immunity. They don’t have limits. Their only objective: preventing oppositional citizens, “the internal enemy”, from continuing the fight to call elections, release the political prisoners and allow the reception of humanitarian aid in Venezuela.

Tzvetan Todorov y Benjamin Constant: ¿dos vidas paralelas?

Antonio R. Rubio Plo es analista y profesor. Con Tzvetan Todorov desaparece un destacado humanista de nuestro tiempo, un gran europeo, continuador de aquella república de las letras que tuvo su momento de gloria en el siglo XVIII. En su libro sobre el pensador liberal Benjamin Constant nos advierte contra el mesianismo y los regímenes políticos que quieren imponer el Bien por la fuerza.

Ruiz-Gallardón: "La encarcelación de Leopoldo López acredita que Venezuela vulnera los derechos humanos"  

Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón es abogado. . Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, abogado de Leopoldo López, de cuyo encarcelamiento se cumplen tres años el próximo día 18, ha asegurado hoy en un Videoanálisis de FAES que “la utilización como rehén de Leopoldo López basta para acreditar que en Venezuela se vulneran todos los derechos humanos y que se ha convertido en una dictadura de hecho”.

“La legitimación internacional ha otorgado impunidad al régimen cubano”

María Werlau es fundadora y directora de Archivo Cuba. “La legitimación del régimen dictatorial cubano por parte de la comunidad internacional, con EEUU a la cabeza, ha otorgado a los dirigentes cubanos una sensación de impunidad que les permite seguir cometiendo atrocidades. La represión contra los derechos humanos continúa hasta hoy, sin cobertura mediática ni denuncia de los organismos internacionales”.

The answer to poorly done and plebiscitary reforms is 'no'

Gianfranco Pasquino es profesor emérito de Ciencias Políticas (Universidad de Bolonia). In a situation in which a problem of leaderships exists in almost all European countries, Italy is not an exception. Those who voted 'no' have said that they do not want inadequate rulers to manipulate the Italian Constitution.

The EU in Malta: resistance or appeasement?

Javier Rupérez es embajador de España y miembro del Patronato de FAES. Three days before the informal meeting in Malta, European Council´s President addressed a stern letter underlining the challenges that Europe must face, specially regarding the uncertainty surrounding the relationship with the United States under the presidency of Trump. The members of the Council reaffirmed their pro European beliefs, while avoiding terms that could have been considered as confrontational. Something can be at least temporarily inferred: facing the showman that occupies the White House today, Europe is dithering between resistance and appeasement.

The neverending show of the Catalan nationalism

Miquel Porta Perales es crítico y escritor. The Catalan nationalism needs to play the last card it has: a manifestation of support to the defendant martyrs that be the expression of the strong conviction of people who are not willing to give up the 'right to decide' and the Independent Catalan Republic. What matters is the secessionist agit prop at any cost with a view to inject oxygen to a drowning “process”.