The independentist fiction in Catalonia

13/06/2019. Miquel Porta Perales. The only fault resides in a Catalan independentism that is featured by the institutional and constitutional disloyalty, as well as by the systematic incompliance with the democratic lawfulness. And the ones who are in jail are there ─the justice will have the last say─ as a consequence of their faulty acts. Illegal and antidemocratic.

2019 EU Elections Results: Why Populism Still Matters

10/06/2019. Lauren Olsen. Rather than celebrating populism’s containment, MEPs must instead prepare to dampen its influence by responding to the genuine concerns of their citizens, reducing elitist inclinations, and opposing radical rhetoric.

The impact of the digital revolution in the political campaigns

04/06/2019. Nicco Mele. Nicco Mele, Head of the Shorenstein Center on Media Politics and Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, has discoursed about the impact of the digital revolution on the political campaigns and how it raises new challenges for democracy, in this FAES #Videoanalysis before the seminary organised by the Foundation and the US Embassy.

Las elecciones del 4 de Nisán de 5779: Netanyahu IV

17/05/2019. Alberto Priego. Israel asistirá con toda probabilidad a una nueva investidura como primer ministro de Benjamin Netanyahu, quien tendrá que hacer frente a cuestiones de profunda división en el pais.

The Vox Dilemma: What Spain’s National Elections mean for the 2019 European Elections

13/05/2019. Lauren Olsen. Este no es momento para divisiones ni de 'elecciones de segundo orden'. Es la hora de aprender la lección que nos ha enseñado España: cada vez que estamos divididos, perdemos ante el populismo.

Venezuela, una cuestión de decencia

01/05/2019. Xavier Reyes. Llegada la hora de esa Operación Libertad, Venezuela exige a los militares de bien que restituyan la decencia de la institución castrense y con ella la de un país que lo tiene todo para convertirse en una de las naciones más prósperas de América Latina.

The Possible Political Sceneries after Elections in Israel

11/04/2019. Alberto Priego. Israeli voters have balance between the ‘heavy hand’ in terms of security and a slightly intervened economy (Likud) and a stick and carrot policy in terms of security and a less liberal economic view (Kahol-Lavan).

Bildu and the real scandal

10/04/2019. Análisis FAES. There is a party that still does not condemn ETA's crimes, that has not apologised to its victims, nor has it declared the injustice of the damage caused. What should be of most concern is the moral bewilderment, in the face of those who still today, with a scandalous normality, act as executors of the perverse legacy of terrorism.