The failure of 'remunicipalising' public services

14/05/2019. This FAES Paper untangles the clichés about efficiency and employability around the idea of ‘remunicipalising’ services, and it explains the European regulatory framework in terms of public concession contracts.

Full Banking Union as an Alternative

04/03/2019. The Banking Union lacks a supplied, mutualised and completely alienated from political decition-making, payment guarantee procedure. Whilst that fund is not culminated, member states will not be able to exploit the full potential of the euro.

Franco-German Treaty of Aachen

18/02/2019. The European Union is fragmented and divided. The treaty recently signed by France and Germany represents a new step in bilateral relations, but it should not convey the image of a duumvirate: the agreement represents an insufficient meeting point to develop the European project.

The Role of Isolationism in U.S. Foreign and Immigration Policy

13/02/2019. Trump's immigration policy does not seem to have much to do with real politics, but with electoral satisfaction for 2020. While isolationism has always been present in the U.S. foreign policy perspective, Trump has now transformed the vision on immigration into 'ideology'. The construction of the wall does not reflect the true foreign and immigration policy of the United States, however, there is a very good chance that it will do so in the future.

The Spanish Constitution. Four perspectives on its 40th anniversary

24/01/2019. The Constitution became the key with which Spain gained access to a new reality. This study integrates four essays that underline its value from four different perspectives: institutional quality, reconciliation agreement, Constitution and Europe, and the referential value of the Transition in Latin America.

The Juncker Commission and the new nomination process

21/01/2019. Last autumn the big European political families started the process of candidatures for the indirect election of the new President of the European Commission by placing their candidates at the top of the list. It is time to take stock of the Juncker Commission's management.

Trump’s energy policy after two years

29/11/2018. The halfway point of Trump’s political cycle is a good time to review the decisions of his government, which has not lacked both criticism and praise, and which has placed the emphasis on energy independence, on the creation of wealth and employment, as well as on the reduction of the regulatory burden.

Human Rights in Cuba 2018

19/11/2018. It is time to put a firm, peaceful and external end to the regime, which is drowning in its own economic and management incompetence.