Aznar congratulates Clinton for his US Atlantic Council Award

28/04/2010! He also exchanged opinions with John McCain, Jerzy Buzek and with the president of Georgia, Mija?l Saakashvili Previously, he had pronounced a conference at the Transatlantic Leaders Forum of John Hopkins University, in Washington DC "In Europe must do our homework so we can overcome our huge economic difficulties" He stressed the necessity for "American leadership; a stronger Europe; and a common vision" in the international setting /29.04.2010/ Jos? Mar?a Aznar, president of the Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis (FAES), has participated in Washington at the 2010 annual awards dinner of the United States Atlantic Council, of which he is a member since 2007. This year the International Leadership Award has gone to former American president Bill Clinton, who was congratulated by Aznar. Previously, he had pronounced a conference at the Transatlantic Leaders Forum of John Hopkins University. Aznar took this opportunity to exchange opinions with American senator, John McCain, president of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, and the president of Georgia, Mija?l Saakashvili, among other celebrated national and international figures of the political, economics and arts sphere who, like every year, attended the awards dinner. At the 2010 edition, the awardees have been Bill Clinton, for his International Leadership, Joseph Ackermann, for his Business Leadership Award, and Commanders St?phane Abrial and James N. Mattis, for their Military Leadership. Aznar has been a member of the International Advisory Board of the Atlantic Council Since the beginning of 2007, a private association dedicated to the promotion of leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the central role of the Atlantic community in meeting the international challenges of the 21st century. JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Before attending the Atlantic Council"s Awards dinner, Aznar pronounced the conference "Resetting the World" at the Transatlantic Leaders Forum, organised by the SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations of John Hopkins University at Washington D.C., under the title "The End of the Old World Order and Leadership to Build the New One". During his address Aznar stressed that "in Europe must do our homework so we can overcome our huge economic difficulties" which needs to "set aside past irrelevant institutional debates and establish ourselves as a reliable partner and ally of America". Likewise, he also remarked that "we need to recuperate the trust in the economic system, because without it, no sustainable growth is possible. And our societies depend on growth". Aznar stated during his address at John Hopkins University that "seeking to fight the crisis with policies rooted in more and more public spending, unsustainable public deficit and huge amounts of public debt is a very serious mistake", and warned that if we continue this way "we will have to foot the bill for a long time". In this context, the president of FAES defended a full transatlantic economic integration and a transatlantic market without barriers. "European and US citizens", he said, "would benefit from increased trade and investment, strengthened competition, greater innovation and higher productivity, leading to substantial and permanent welfare gains in terms of higher growth and more and better jobs." ERODED ATLANTIC LINK With regard to the current international order, the president of FAES supported an architecture based on three pillars: "American leadership; a stronger Europe; and a common vision". Nonetheless, in his opinion, the Atlantic link is being "progressively eroded". In this context, Aznar regretted the fact that Europe has ceased to be a priority for the United States, and explained that among the European elites the impression is that "the American President is not interested in Europe at all", in spite of the fact that when he won the presidential elections "everyone on Earth expected a change in attitude from within the White House which would translate into an easier and closer relationship with Europe". "Whether we like it or not, current US priorities are focused elsewhere" Aznar concluded. The president of FAES inaugurated in 2002 the Transatlantic Center of the John Hopkins University, and institution devoted to strengthening and readdressing transatlantic relations in the globalised world.