José María Aznar"s New Website


At Jos? Mar?a Aznar"s New Website Conceived as a comprehensive source of documentation to provide a full understanding of his past and present political activity With access to more than 2,200 statements and speeches comprehending his political ideas and proposals Multimedia content includes two galleries with over 1,120 photographs and videos /May 4, 2010/ Jos? Mar?a Aznar, president of the Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis (FAES), would like to announce that, as of today, he has a new personal website: Conceived as a comprehensive source of documentation, it seeks to provide the user with a full understanding of Aznar"s political opinions and actions since 1982. In both Spanish and English, this website is a collection of the public figure of Jos? Mar?a Aznar, his biography, his r?sum?, his acknowledgements and awards and, particularly, his speeches, images and videos that depict his whole political career. With this purpose in mind, the website includes a powerful search engine offering access to over 2,200 statements and speeches comprehending the political ideas and proposals defended and reiterated by Jos? Mar?a Aznar all along these years. The user can browse through all of them by time period (before1996; as President of the Government ? 1996-2004 ?; and from 2004 up to now), as well as by subject: Values, Nation and Constitution, Foreign Policy, Economic Issues, Public Policy, Education and Culture, Social Issues, and Political Parties and Elections. The button "speeches" includes a direct access to Jos? Mar?a Aznar"s Parliamentary statements during his long experience as an MP in Congress divided into two time periods (1982-1987 and 1989-2004). Aznar greets the visitors when they log in and welcomes them to his web. Through the home page, which features the great usability of the site, the user can browse through all the content options offered, be aware of the latest current events of the former president of the Government, and watch the image and video galleries. MULTIMEDIA CONTENT The "Press" section offers access to all press releases and notes issued by FAES regarding the political agenda of Jos? Mar?a Aznar ? conferences, seminars, journeys, bilateral meetings with public personalities, books signings ? ? The web page also offers a section of highlighted news classified by date, and links to all related contents available in the website, such as speeches and multimedia material. All these activities can be easily consulted with the calendar located at the tab "this year" Aznar"s new website gives particular importance to multimedia contents and offers two high-quality image and video galleries that are constantly being updated and the previous contents, stored. Supported by a browser that enables to alternate photos and videos, the visitors will be able to watch more than 950 photos and 170 videos currently available at the website. They can be easily browsed through a search engine that classifies them by date, place, and personality depicted in the photo with Aznar. BOOK DOWNLOAD Moreover, the new website provides access to the political works written by the president of FAES, arranged according to date in the "Books" tab and whose contents can be downloaded: the full version in the case of the less recent books, and the first chapter in the case of the most recent works, including Espa?a puede salir de la crisis (2009), Cartas a un joven espa?ol (2007), Retratos y perfiles. De Fraga a Bush (2005) and Ocho a?os de Gobierno. Una visi?n personal de Espa?a (2004), all of them published by Planeta. Last but not least, includes a direct access to Jos? Mar?a Aznar"s video channel at YouTube and links to the official websites of, among others, the Washington Speakers Bureau, of which he is a member, Georgetown University, of which he is a Distinguished Scholar, and FAES Foundation and the Partido Popular.