A New World Map



Valentí Puig: “The Treaty of Lisbon has generated a Europe that is losing significance in the international scenario, forcing itself to adapt to the new situation”

Emilio Lamo de Espinosa: “Debt is about solving our current problems with the effort of future generations. Developed countries have massive debts, at the head are Japan, the United Kingdom and Spain”

“Spain is the third most indebted country in the World, if we add public and private debt together: we owe 3.5 times our GDP. Amongst the least indebted are China, India, Brazil and Russia (BRIC). If there’s massive debt it’s because there are massive creditors. The poor have been financing the rich”

“There’s no legitimate alternative to democratic states and market-based economy, they are the winners. Only democracy has universal legitimacy, even non democratic States claim to be democratic”

“There’s an undeniable link between freedom and economic prosperity: almost all thriving countries are free and almost all free countries are thriving. The reason is that democracy usually guarantees good governance. Emerging countries have not only copied technology, but also good practices and institutions”

“Europe is neither there nor expected. We Europeans are still convinced that we are a great power, but the rest of the world doesn’t believe that anymore. Maybe Europeans and Spaniards have moved from the centre to the periphery of the world-system and we’re not aware of it”