Deserving to Win, Deserving to Lose



Lord Thomas: “The new government seems to have conservative domestic policies and liberal European ones”

“The pact to have a 5-year fixed Parliament will transform British politics, and I am not sure if for the better”

“50 years ago, the conservatives used to be pro-European and Labour was euro-sceptic. Nowadays, it is the other way around, and this seems to have no explanation”

Miguel Ángel Cortés: “We owe it to the British, the stopping of some grandiloquent and senseless European projects”

“The proposal to reform the election system seeks to end a system that has worked very well and has enabled stable and strong Governments. Introducing the proportional system entails the serious risk of generating weak governments”

“The Government programme of conservatives and liberal-democrats is sensible and good. Let’s hope they can get it off the ground”

Tom Burns Marañón: “Brown was much more unpopular than his party, and Cameron much more popular than his. Brown deserved to lose the elections. What isn’t so clear is whether Cameron deserved to win”

“Labour just spent, spent, and spent. Where has this led to? To the Government finding the famous note ‘There is no money left’”

“The budget presented by the new Government is radical. Cameron and Clegg have buried Keynes. They have proposed cuts that reach 40% in some cases. This is unprecedented”