Rethinking the State


Esperanza Aguirre: “It’s no coincidence that both our countries are two of the countries suffering the crisis most and that both have socialist Governments. Pedro Passos is a young responsible politician, who supports a constructive opposition, and who is willing to collaborate with the Government to get his country out of the economic crisis”

“On March 26, Pedro Passos was elected president of the PSD by direct suffrage of the party members with over 61% of the votes”

Pedro Passos Coelho: “We must rethink the State: setting clear aims, reducing public expenditure in 10 points, and getting the State out of the economic area. The State was not born to manage companies. We can’t create the illusion that everything’s free”

“We must reduce the intervention degree in public policies and increase people’s freedom to choose. It’s a fair deal: the State lowers the taxes and the citizen chooses the services he likes”

“With a high tax burden, and with the citizens having to finance their own education and health expenses that the State cannot provide with sufficient quality, we are forcing the citizen to paw twice for the same services”

“Socialist policies have not brought responsibility, or freedom, or development. The Portuguese are going to understand that the socialist policies of the last 15 years have not been cohesive nor reasonable policies”

“In Portugal, policies which made people dependent on public benefits have been implemented. Structural unemployment in Portugal currently exceeds 10%, when 15 years ago it was 5%. Furthermore, the number of poor people has tripled since 1995”