Disorganised Thinking


José Varela Ortega: “I don’t think that the main problem is economic, I don’t even believe (and that’s believing a lot) that the essential problem is an institutional one. I think that underlying any catastrophe is disorganised thinking”

“The first prudence is the awareness that democratic systems are based on an essential agreement. They are competitive, that’s obvious, but in a country with such a two-party profile, like this one since year 12, the main constituent partner is also its main rival. That’s the definition of the Transition”

“That can be broken being shrewd and saying ‘if we change our constituent partner and ally ourselves with the secessionists and nationalists, we can kick the PP out of the game’. Mind, it is not out of power, which would be the normal thing, but ‘out of the system’. Changing ten million votes for one and a half has its problems”

“These systems are also based on the Law acting as a limit. The Rule of Law is essential, we want a Government of laws, not of men. If we’re going to pass organic laws to skip the decision of the Constitutional Court, it is obvious that people investing here are going to think twice about it”

“Take a look at Zapatero, not from the classical-liberal point of view, but from the degree he is in, Socialism: he can’t pass a single Socialism subject”

“He has carried out an identity policy, instead of international. He has exchanged citizens for territories. He talks about autonomic taxes instead of talking about free and equal citizens as a way of redistributing and of individual taxes, he talks about historical rights, which I thought the left had already abolished on August 4, 1789”