Populism and Poorism


José Carlos Aleluia: “We must strengthen freedom and the market. Reforms must be based on strengthening institutions”

“We must not leave the fight against poverty in the hands of populism”

Luis Alberto Lacalle: “Careful with ‘poorism’. Poverty is a curse we must end. Careful with those that seek to make it a political and cultural category. Poverty is the enemy of democracy”

“The elites shouldn’t wash their hands of political affairs, like in Argentina”

“Wanting a smaller State doesn’t mean being against the State. We need a smaller and better Government. You are a citizen because you are a taxpayer, something that has been forgotten in Latin America”

“Giving privileges in exchange for nothing is one of the typical features of populism. Nobody’s questioning the legitimacy of Chavez’s origin, but we do seriously question the legitimacy of his doings”