The First Defeat of Chavism


Ramón Custodio: “Some of us wanted to comply with the Honduran Constitution, and from the Administration they wanted to breach it”

“Honduras’ problem is not ideological, it’s of democracy. We failed when trying to explain to the world what was happening in Honduras”

“On June 28, those of us who believed we had to save democracy in Honduras acted responsibly. The mistake was trying to interpret the events of June 28 without taking into account the background situation”

Eugenio Nasarre: “Honduras’ case is vital to understand the fight for freedom in Latin America. It is a paradigmatic case of the struggle of truth versus lie. It shows the ease to extend lies, the difficulty to re-establish truth, and the hypocrisy of International Relations”

“Honduras managed to avoid Chavez´s swipe because the people were able resist, but it could have been otherwise: international actors did not support them”

“Zapatero’s Government strongly insisted that the EU as a whole supported the thesis of Chavez and Zelaya on Honduras”

Ramón Pérez-Maura: “The great loser with Zelaya’s oust is Hugo Chávez”

“In Honduras, constitutional stipulations were complied with, free elections were held, and on top of all this, the opposing party won the elections”

“Brazil has played a significant role in this saga of nonsensical events. Never before had we witnessed and Embassy become a secure base from which to spur a revolt against national authorities”