Reform, Regeneration and Rectification



Jaime Mayor Oreja: “A regenerating political project on the basis of reformist proposals is needed. We are going to live a new world and this needs changes in our personal attitude; this means that the regenerating project has to be something more than just making reforms”

“It’s not that Spain is bad and Europe very well, we must place Spain within a Europe in crisis. What must be said is that the crisis is having a much greater impact in Spain than outside the EU”

“If Europe needs regenerating projects, Spain has a hundred more reasons to address an even larger project. Reforming and regenerating are not enough, we also need to rectify due to the wrong direction taken by the Government”

“Regenerating in Spain requires something as simple and as difficult as recovering the truth, the value of the truth. Truth when acting, when making politics, when diagnosing problems, when advancing solutions. We must go back to a politics-truth”

“The abandoning of truth in Spain today when making politics is a typical feature of any relativist model. Zapatero lies in his politics because his project demands it”

“The two main projects on the table of Spanish society today are the one headed by Rodríguez Zapatero, who seeks an unrecognisable Spain, and the project for the rupture of Spain embodied by ETA”

“Rodríguez Zapatero has broken the Transition; he arrived in office making it clear that he did not believe in Spain. He sought an unrecognisable Spain and to do this he had to reach an understanding with those that do not believe in Spain, he has tried to modify the Constitution of 1978 through the autonomy charters”

“What has taken place with the Charter of Catalonia has a sole responsible person and it is not the Constitutional Court, not even nationalists, who haven’t changed. The sole responsible person is Rodríguez Zapatero himself and his project”

“ETA has a project. It is a terrorist organization but above all it has a project that seeks the destruction of Spain. What ETA cares about most is Spain’s weakness, because it was born to break Spain, convinced as it was that its party would not be a tool powerful enough for the rupture. For that reason ETA’s project is a project for rupture and is linked to any referendum held in Catalonia. It carefully observes all acts of rupture taking place in Spain and has different allies to do this”

“The PSOE today is Zapatero, and his project not only tries to keep itself in power, but also seeks that its legacy makes Spain ungovernable for Spanish centre-right values and even for the values of the Constitution itself. He wants the next government only to administrate his political legacy and only manage economy: that would be suicide”

“We must win the elections with a winning and alternative project, offering reforms and regeneration not only in the economic sphere but also in the multiple sectors of Spain”