Crisis of Institutions


Ignacio Astarloa: “The balance of the situation sets this diminishing Spain, not exaggerating, before a prospect of decadence in the main chapters that define a modern society”

“A bottomless economic crisis, international discredit with the presidency of the EU as the last chapter, a historical stride back in terms of coexistence and vertebration, and in the political sphere, a real crisis of the system. Also distrust for politics and politicians, now embodying one of the main national problems, a questioning of democracy’s effectiveness, a ridiculous public debate, lack of purpose, lack of country project. And should they predict something it is instability and conflict”

“Mr. Zapatero’s project advocated a completely free society; soft and hedonist; acritical and not very committed. A welfare culture, with a hypertrophy of rights and an atrophy of duties”

“Today’s an unbelievable day to talk about how socialists interpret the principle of legality. A socialist autonomic president is going to head a demonstration against a decision of the Constitutional Court. A greater challenge to the Rule of Law is just unconceivable”

“Our Parliament languishes in an unsuccessful routine detached from relevant decision-making. Laws are being passed directly by executive orders before the difficulty of obtaining a meagre majority to pass laws. The modification of the structure of public expenditure in Spain has been passed using this same method, without the due parliamentary debate and in spite of budgets that are simply false”

“Linked to the discredit of parliamentary values are the disdain of past and future consensuses and the substitution of State pacts by the confronting and irritating dynamic of the Tinell Pact and Rodríguez Zapatero’s aversion to making any pact with the PP”

“Therefore we have the balance of Rodríguez Zapatero’s Government made early in time by Javier Zarzalejos: neither leadership, nor strategic thought, nor interest for major agreements, nor confidence in civil society: a political culture that rejects excellence, disqualifies competition and disincentivises effort”

“Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m wrong when I keep saying that socialists have aroused in Spain a serious ‘legal issue’, painstakingly endeavouring for Justice to yield before political power to truly carry out the death of Montesquieu that they themselves announced a few years ago”

“There won’t be any institutional change without social change, something that concerns issues like education or the role of the media, and also civil spirit citizens’ concern for the public matter”