Spain's Time for Reforms


Navacerrada (Madrid), 05.07.12.- The course devoted to Constitutional Policy of the 2012 FAES Campus, headed by the director of the FAES department for Constitution and Institutions, Ignacio Astarloa, has started with an opening conference pronounced by the Vice-President of the government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría. During the introduction of the course ‘1812-2912: Form the First Constitution to the Future Constitutionalism’, Astarloa has stated that “Spain is undergoing a crucial time for reforms: our education, our social State, our democratic State and our territorial model are now under question, therefore we must reflect on them and adopt the measures that this historical time requires”.

Furthermore, he declared that these sessions “seek to review as well what’s happening with modern constitutionalism in the world to see what we can do”. Moreover, he reminded that the bicentenary of the 1812 Constitution, “our first modern Constitution and from which spring things that we are still enjoying today, like national sovereignty, division of powers, limitation of power, or the acknowledgement of the rights of the people before public powers”.