FAES has Launched Europa ante una crisis global, by Pérez-Díaz, in Barcelona



Ana Palacio, Valentí Puig and Javier Zarzalejos, alongside the author, have analysed the work, published by Gota a Gota

Barcelona, 21.06.12.- FAES Foundation launched the book Europa ante una crisis global. Economía, geoestrategia, sociedad civil y valores, coordinated by social scientist Víctor Pérez-Díaz, and published by Gota a Gota, on Thursday, June 21 in Barcelona. The author was joined by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ana Palacio; the writer Valentí Puig; and the secretary-general of FAES, Javier Zarzalejos, who defined the work as "a book that talks about Europe, about our dilemmas and of the pending decisions for this global crisis".

At the launch, Palacio remarked that "at the core, in Europe there's a problem of confidence, a confidence is created by a shared political vocation". "The world has changed, and in that change we must seek the narrative of legitimacy to continue building Europe", she declared. In that line, the coordinator of the book, Pérez-Díaz, made a call in his address to European citizens, referring to the demos as the substance of the idea of Europe.

Puig declared that "Europe is demanding maximum intelligence because we're on tenterhooks", and he underlined the "necessity of making lasting agreements" which steer on the triple axis "European Union, Nation States and civil societies". Pérez-Díaz stressed this idea when he asserted that "creating the European demos will take a long time, because it deals with the difficulty of building spaces of citizen collaboration. In order to do this we must create national demos addressed toward Europe".


This book, published by FAES' imprint, compiles a set of articles written by fourteen international scholars, experts in different fields of the social sciences, amongst which are Professor Emeritus of Political Economics at the University of Cologne, Juergen Donges; senior fellow of the Center for a New American Security, Robert Kaplan; the editor of the German newspaper Die Zeit, Josef Joffe; or the director of the British think tank ResPublica, Phillip Blond. The papers were prepared by their authors for a cycle of seminars sponsored by FAES and celebrated in Madrid.

In the prologue, Víctor Pérez-Díaz states that "the build-up of problems in recent years has led Europe to a critical point where it will be forced to take crucial decisions", suggesting that the analysis could focus "on the economic crisis; geostrategic adjustments; the government crisis implicit in the relations between the political class and civil society; and the uneasiness of a vaguely-defined modernity culture". The author held that all this "radically affects Europe's current direction and each and every Member States, amongst them of course, Spain. The possibility of any of them facing these problems alone and finding a solution acting alone would not only be complicated, but impossible".

The authors writing in this book share the thesis that "the European crisis comprises several interrelated problems". In this sense, the reader of Europa ante una crisis global will find thoughts, amongst other issues, about the danger stalking monetary unity; the problem of European political leadership; the loss of competitiveness in favour of Asia; post-nationalism; the bureaucratisation of institutions; the integration of Muslim immigrants and the decline of cultural and religious values".


Víctor Pérez-Díaz is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the European Academy. President of Analistas Socio-Políticos, he has also held a Chair at the Universidad Complutense. Furthermore, he has been visiting professor at Harvard, MIT, California, Nueva York and Sciences Politiques of Paris, as well as fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study of Princeton and of the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung. Some of his books are The return of civil society and Spain at the crossroads (Harvard), Markets and Civil Society (Berghahn) and Una interpretación liberal del futuro de España (Taurus).

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