Beteta Announces in the FAES Campus that the Autonomous Communities have Reduced 165 Entities in the Second Half of 2012


The Secretary of State for Public Administrations, Antonio Beteta, has used the opening of the course 'Elements of State Reform' of the 2013 FAES Campus to announce that the Autonomous Communities have reduced 165 entities in the second half of 2012.

His lecture on "The reform of the Administrations' has been introduced by the lawyer Juan Fernandez-Armesto, who indicated that it is Beteta's responsibility to "reform a system that has become obsolete, is duplicated or triplicated, uncoordinated, inefficient and bureaucratic"."A public sector that hampers our competitiveness," he said.

For his part, FAES' Director of Constitution and Institutions and of this course, Ignacio Astarloa, said that "once again, we follow the approach of intense reformism". "This is a time of dilemmas, which has to become a time of reforms" based "on the idea that what we have on the table is not only an economic crisis but a political and institutional crisis," he said.

All this, in his view, "lead us to rethink our territorial model intensely; the conformation and functioning of local governments; the general funding of public organisations; the better organisation of our separation of powers; the functioning of institutions and of democracy's circuit", including "the parliament and political parties". In this sense, Astarloa stressed that "we must rethink the institutions not only from the efficiency point of view, but also from maximum honesty to eradicate any hint of corruption in this country."