Aznar Appeals to Ideas and Projects in These Times When Politics "are Particularly Reviled"


The former Prime Minister of Spain and president of the FAES Foundation, José María Aznar, said on Saturday, July 6, that "at this time when politics is especially reviled is precisely when political vision is most needed"."The existence of political projects, the defence of ideas, is something especially important and relevant" in this time when people tend "to focus on management and administration," he said.

Aznar has introduced the words of the regional president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Gonzalez, of whom he said that he has launched "open and liberal policies" that have been very positive for economy and have led to a "call effect" in search of "a larger space of freedom".Also, taking advantage of the assistance to the 2013 FAES Campus of the Mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, Aznar has expressed his wish that Madrid's "Olympic dreams" come true.

The videos are available through download in FAES' FTP; also audios and photos of the addresses. Pictures of Ignacio González's speech 'The Autonomous Communities and their Funding' are also available.