Constitutional Course.- 'Elements for State Reform'


The last course of the 2013 FAES Campus has been 'Elements for State Reform', coordinated by FAES' Constitution and Institutions director, Ignacio Astarloa. It has proposed a reflection on the debates that have arisen in the last year about institutional reform, the strengthening of the Rule of Law and the territorial organisation of the State.

In this sense, elements for the implementation of these reforms have been provided and solutions have been proposed for a better management of our Autonomies State, seriously challenged by separation projects or privileges that are inconsistent with the Constitution and the national cohesion necessary for Spain to overcome as soon as possible and in a stronger position its current situation. In addition, this course has examined how the defeat of terrorism and the preservation of the memory of its victims can be democratically and decently solved.


Constitutional Course

Wert and Lasquetty: 'The Reform of the Education System'

Ignacio Gonzalez: 'The Autonomous Communities and their Funding Model'

Luisa Fernanda Rudi: 'The Territorial Model'

Bereijo Rodriguez: 'Spain's Necessary Reforms'

Beteta: 'Reforming the Administrations'

Round Table: 'The Reform of Democratic Institutions'

López Blanco: 'State Reform Seen From Civil Society'

Round Table on the defeat of terrorism and the preservation of memory (in collaboration with Villacisneros Foundation)