Who lives in Catalonia?


Miguel Ángel Quintanilla Navarro is the Director of the FAES Foundation Publishing Department

At the FAES Seminar held on 6 March in Barcelona, professor Félix Ovejero mentioned the fact that the most frequent surnames in Catalonia are not substantially different from the most frequent ones in the rest of Spain. It is perhaps a counterintuitive statement due to the identity and secessionist background noise that strains our political life. That is precisely the reason why it made sense to remark it.


This is the data provided by the National Statistical Institute. (http://www.ine.es/daco/daco42/nombyapel/nombyapel.htm):

Most frequent surnames:

The comparison can be taken to other places, such as Basque provinces:


And this is the national total:


Professor Ovejero added something more that might be interesting to consider at some point: he asked to what extent said frequency is matched in the Catalan Parliament.