Presentation 'Geografía del populismo'


Josép Piqué, Nicolás Redondo Terreros, Ángel Rivero and Javier Zarzalejos have participated in the presentation of the book 'Geografía del populismo. Un viaje por el universo del populismo desde sus orígenes hasta Trump', the monograph edited by FAES and Tecnos which analyses the origins of the phenomenon and its evolution and goes over paradigmatic cases.

Josep Piqué, fomer Minister:
“It is necessary to combat politically and decisively populism. Not only discrediting its lies and manipulation, but also defending the value of institutions and representative democracy. This means to recover the bond of affection between democratic institutions and free citizens, deeply damaged because of the crisis and corruption”.

“We thought populism was a tsunami which could put an end to the European political project. We have overcome obstacles, but we are still in a phase of crisis of the political system of representation through political parties”.

“We believed that in Europe we were immunized against populist totalitarianisms after its defeat in Second World War”.

Nicolás Redondo Terreros, member of the Editorial Board of El Mundo:
“Populism is an infectious pathology of democracy. Its only relevant political fact is confrontation among two sides”.

“The success or failure of populism depends on the strength of civil society and institutions”.

“It is necessary to make lot of efforts to maintain the social consensus of the last 40 years of stability and democracy”.

Ángel Rivero, professor at UAM:
“Populism, in the name of democracy, empties and undermines institutions”.

“The discourse against corruption needs to be led by democratic political parties because if the initiative is given to the populist parties, they will use rhetoric to win the battle”.

Javier Zarzalejos, director of FAES:
“It is necessary to continue defending the values of liberal representative democracy against its enemies, and there is no doubt that populism constitutes the main risk to its continuity”.

“In Spain we have two types of populism: the one represented by Podemos and the one which has been hatched around Catalonia secessionist process. The symbiosis among them is confirmed: its common objective is to end up with the system of 1978”.

“The populist wave has lost its impetus in Europe during the last months, however the tide is still very high and it conditions the political agenda”.

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