The Assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia

19/12/2019. The people in Malta are looking to Europe for concrete actions proving their support: a framework in place to ensure that every Member State continues to play by the rules set out upon their accession and a pan-European rule of law mechanism must be designed and executed so that no Member State can violate our Treaty with impunity.

European Parliament elects Javier Zarzalejos to draft the proposal for the revision of the European arrest warrant

18/12/2019. "We must succeed in strengthening the principle of mutual trust between the judicial systems of European countries in order to prevent any alleged offender from being able to move freely around Europe when there are court rulings requesting their arrest," added.

Zarzalejos accuses Bildu's Barrena of refusing to condemn ETA killings of journalists

17/12/2019. "You have the opportunity to say here today, before talking about freedom of expression, as you are doing, whether you condemn all the crimes of ETA, including of course those directed against journalists and media", FAES director also told the Bildu MEP.

The Spanish economy: mistakes and right paths

12/12/2019. Professor Juan Velarde points out in the new PapelesFAES that Pedro Sánchez's initial economic proposals are "alarming," and that the economic policy path of the socialist party and its allies leads to social ruin and crisis.

"In Bolivia we have avoided a dictatorship; now we have to build a real democracy"

10/12/2019. Bolivia's former president and electoral candidate Carlos de Mes has explained that with the departure of Evo Morales, "tied to a fraud and an authoritarianism that was on the way to a dictatorship," the country has lived a critical moment in political terms. "Latin America requires renewed democratic responses for a networked society that grows in its demands", he has added. 

Guatemalan president-elect visits FAES

05/12/2019. The president-elect of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, visited the FAES headquarters today, where he had a meeting with President José María Aznar, who encouraged him to implement his agenda of reform measures and transferred his support to his Central American integration project, a region where more than 50 million people live.

Urkullu also has a plan

04/12/2019. It is a matter of pure survival that parties loyal to the Constitution understand the peculiar idiosyncrasy of the nationalists; notice the effects on the Spanish political system that has unfolded its disproportionate influence; and act accordingly.

FAES, 30 years at the service of Spain  

28/11/2019. FAES has celebrated its 30th anniversary surrounded by the friends who have made it possible, by its patrons and by many of those who collaborate with it and share the principles of defence of Spain, constitutional order and liberal democracy. To all of them, our special thanks.