The Atlantic Alliance 70 Years Later: From Reform to Rebuilding

18/11/2019. Seventy years later, the Alliance is weaker, at a time in which the Organization has, after undergoing a process of increased bureaucratization, stressed its vocation as a security-based one. Can we accept this NATO as the new normal? Is it an acceptable result of its adaptation within a new period? Should we not aspire to a better Alliance? Furthermore, does it even make sense that NATO exists in the year 2019?

“An alliance of constitutional parties would be the most desirable, but it cannot be headed by the one who is doing the counter-alliance”

18/11/2019. "We are vertiginously going to a crisis of the constitutional system with devastating consequences and the Spaniards have to know it. The crisis of the Transition system, of the constitutional system, means the disintegration of the system"

Chile: democratic response to social explosion

15/11/2019. The violence has led Chile to a climate of ungovernability under which lies the intention to undermine the foundations of the Republic by demanding a Constituent Assembly. The ruling party seeks to make possible a new social pact with broad citizen participation, but the 'ball' is in the court of the left.

30 years without the Berlin Wall. Liberal democracy and new paradigms

15/11/2019. La profesora Mira Milosevich, el exdiputado Miguel Ángel Cortés, el embajador Javier Rupérez y los profesores Florentino Portero y Jorge del Palacio dialogan sobre la Europa de hace 30 años y los cambios políticos y sociológicos producidos en las sociedades occidentales desde el derribo del Muro de Berlín, del que se cumple el trigésimo aniversario.

After 10N

14/11/2019. With the backdrop of an accelerating economic slowdown, the curtain has been raised for us to see the spectacle of two politicians paired by their ambition and weakness. They star in a play between entanglement and drama. What has little mystery is the outcome. It will end badly, even if not soon.

Bolivia in the face of the uncertainty of a political transition

13/11/2019. The new stage should include all sectors of civil society and the parties to promote a proposal for a country that complies with the ideas of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, which have been absent from the political scene for the past fourteen years.

“The memory of the Wall must continue to encourage us to work for the strengthening of Europe"

08/11/2019. "The tearing down of the Berlin Wall represented the end of a story, but History has followed, and it is up to us to ensure that that story that follows, that of all, can continue to be written in terms of freedom".

FAES conmemora el 30 aniversario del derribo del Muro de Berlín con 12 testimonios

08/11/2019. FAES ha conmemorado el 30 aniversario del derribo del Muro de Berlín haciendo públicos una serie de testimonios de diversas personalidades de la política, la economía, la diplomacia y la academia, tanto españoles como extranjeros. Doce voces que corroboran que el Muro de Berlín no se cayó, sino que fue derrumbado por quienes lucharon por la libertad en lo que fue un triunfo de la democracia liberal como sistema ético, político y económico superior al totalitarismo comunista. Y alertan, además, de las nuevas amenazas y desafíos que enfrentan hoy las democracias de mano ...