José María Aznar: "We must recapitalize and strengthen democratic institutions"

31/10/2019.   José María Aznar met this morning with the young participants in the 19th edition of the Programa FAES de Formación de Líderes Latinoamericanos, in front of whom he affirmed the need to "recapitalise and strengthen democratic institutions" facing a "very worrying" international situation. FAES celebrates this Programme annually as part of its commitment to strengthening institutions and the rule of law in Latin America.    

Mira Milosevich: "The coming battles will be between liberal and illiberal democracy"

30/10/2019. "30 years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall it has been demonstrated that there was no end of ideologies; neither was there an end of history. The collapse of communism did not mean an automatic victory for democracy".

Economic Outlook | Slowdown and Uncertainties

29/10/2019. They both explain why Spain endures more than other countries and where its main vulnerabilities reside with the economic growth both worldwide and Spanish revised downwards. What must be done to mitigate the foreseeable crisis's effect?

Javier Rupérez: “The Wall is a symbol of the human will to regain freedom”

29/10/2019. "With the Wall a whole system fell: Marxism-Leninism, state socialism, and the GDR itself, the country that never existed"

José María Aznar: “The demolition of the Berlin Wall was a great triumph of liberal democracy”

28/10/2019. "We commemorate a great triumph of freedom and we have much to celebrate, but we must also begin an era of being very alert in defence of our free and open societies”.

FAES Latin American Leaders Training Program 2019

28/10/2019. A partir de hoy lunes 28, en Madrid, la Fundación FAES celebra una nueva edición del Programa FAES de Formación de Líderes Latinoamericanos. Sesiones y encuentros con personalidades que tratarán sobre los fundamentos de la libertad, la democracia y el Estado de Derecho.

FAES commemorates the 30th anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall

28/10/2019. Through a series of testimonies by personalities from politics, economics, academy and culture, FAES remembers the triumph of liberal democracy as an ethical, political and economic system superior to communist totalitarianism.

Brexit and parliamentary democracy in the UK

22/10/2019. A broad analysis of Brexit should include three interconnected dimensions: a crisis of a legal-constitutional nature, a crisis of parties and political representativeness, and a third socio-economic dimension. Thus, the British are facing a process of constitutional readjustment that aligns their institutions with a different political, economic and cultural reality; and they are doing so in an intense debate, exposed to the light and inelegant.