John Müller: "The tearing down of the Wall was going to bring new challenges to freedom around the world"

07/11/2019. With the fall of the wall, it opened a time of extraordinary optimism, a time for freedom. A time that some said was the end of history. We did not imagine that it would bring new challenges to freedom in every corner of the earth.

Wilhelm Hofmeister: "Today new walls are being built against freedom and democracy"

05/11/2019. "The fall of the Berlin Wall must remind us that the walls of authoritarianism can be destroyed and democracy and freedom can be extended", assures the director of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung for Spain and Portugal, Wilhelm Hofmeister. "Today new walls against freedom and democracy are being built and all democrats must fight against it," he adds.

Enikö Györi: "Western Europe takes it for granted to live in a sovereign country without occupation, in freedom and democracy"

05/11/2019. "I can appreciate what children of luckier nations than Hungary take for granted: to live in a sovereign country, without foreign occupation, in freedom and democracy. We Hungarians had to fight for all this. I am very proud to be heir to those who have fought for freedom and had the courage to face a left-wing dictatorial totalitarian regime".

Fernando Fernández: “It was the end of socialism as an alternative economic model that does not produce equality or prosperity”

04/11/2019. The collapse of the Berlin Wall had important consequences for the world economy, fundamentally the end of the alternative to capitalism; the end of the socialist model as a competitive and equal alternative. An economic model that does not produce equality or prosperity.

Roberto Ampuero: “Freedom triumphed over the repression that the Wall meant”

01/11/2019. Chile’s ambassador to Spain, Roberto Ampuero, lived in exile in the GDR. “Not even through the mechanism of repression that the Berlin Wall meant, socialism could impose itself. Freedom triumphed”, recalls 30 years later.

"El mayor milagro del derribo del Muro fue que no hubo violencia ni amenaza"

31/10/2019. El profesor de Stanford y editor de 'Die Zeit', Josef Joffe, recuerda que, tras la caída del Muro de Berlín "todo el mundo tenía miedo a un aumento de la fuerza, con la RDA amenazando al resto de Europa. Pero no ocurrió. Se democratizó y formó parte del sistema europeo".

José María Aznar: "We must recapitalize and strengthen democratic institutions"

31/10/2019.   José María Aznar met this morning with the young participants in the 19th edition of the Programa FAES de Formación de Líderes Latinoamericanos, in front of whom he affirmed the need to "recapitalise and strengthen democratic institutions" facing a "very worrying" international situation. FAES celebrates this Programme annually as part of its commitment to strengthening institutions and the rule of law in Latin America.    

Mira Milosevich: "The coming battles will be between liberal and illiberal democracy"

30/10/2019. "30 years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall it has been demonstrated that there was no end of ideologies; neither was there an end of history. The collapse of communism did not mean an automatic victory for democracy".