FAES Latin American Leaders Training Program 2019

28/10/2019. A partir de hoy lunes 28, en Madrid, la Fundación FAES celebra una nueva edición del Programa FAES de Formación de Líderes Latinoamericanos. Sesiones y encuentros con personalidades que tratarán sobre los fundamentos de la libertad, la democracia y el Estado de Derecho.

FAES commemorates the 30th anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall

28/10/2019. Through a series of testimonies by personalities from politics, economics, academy and culture, FAES remembers the triumph of liberal democracy as an ethical, political and economic system superior to communist totalitarianism.

Brexit and parliamentary democracy in the UK

22/10/2019. A broad analysis of Brexit should include three interconnected dimensions: a crisis of a legal-constitutional nature, a crisis of parties and political representativeness, and a third socio-economic dimension. Thus, the British are facing a process of constitutional readjustment that aligns their institutions with a different political, economic and cultural reality; and they are doing so in an intense debate, exposed to the light and inelegant.

Elecciones presidenciales en Bolivia: dos caminos posibles

16/10/2019. El próximo domingo Bolivia decide su futuro y pondrá en evidencia el daño profundo ocasionado por los gobiernos populistas. A pesar de que los bolivianos se opusieron mayoritariamente a la reforma constitucional que habilitaría la reeleción consecutiva indefinida, Evo Morales vuelve a presentarse.

Sedition and lies

15/10/2019. The ruling of the Supreme Court offers subject matter for detailed consideration and also for disagreement. The effective enforcement of sentences without benefits is an essential question of the credibility of the democratic legal order. The judgement also raises questions to be addressed in the future: there are matters of legislative policy that must be addressed in order to update the means at the disposal of the rule of law to ensure its integrity.

Desestabilización, protestas indígenas y crisis en Ecuador

14/10/2019. La posición de Lenin Moreno era lo correcto, porque los subsidios son un lujo que Ecuador no puede sostener, pero se equivocó en su estrategia. Ahora busca solucionar la crisis dialogando con los líderes indígenas, aunque no es seguro que un acuerdo calme las aguas. Nada está dicho aún.

Cuadernos FAES de Pensamiento Político 64

14/10/2019. The new issue of the FAES magazine includes articles on the new welfare challenges, the causes and consequences of electoral polarisation, the evolution of the relationship between Europe and the United Kingdom after the Brexit, the crisis in US foreign policy, the role of China and the need for educational reform, among others.

The ‘kale borroka’ in Catalonia

09/10/2019. In Catalonia there is a routine 'kale borroka' that is perceived in the propaganda of the independentist media, the psychological pressures, the insults, the yellow ties, the tweets, the whatsapp messages; the torchlight processions that recall the supremacist movements. And what does the 'revolución de las sonrisas' say in? Some keep quiet. Others show exquisite prudence. And the pro-independence groups of the Parliament of Catalonia and the President of the Generalitat pull the detainees shouting "freedom". The author of this #PapelesFAES asserts is a symptom of a sick society.