He remembers Thatcher as “one of the most courageous and strongest advocates of freedom of the 20th century” Aznar: “Her reforming energy and passion for freedom are Thatcher's greatest legacy”


    _ FAES Foundation distinguished her with the FAES Freedom Award in 2010.

The former Prime Minister of Spain and President of FAES Foundation, José María Aznar, has expressed his deepest sorrow over the death of Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He stressed his conviction that her “reforming energy and passion for freedom are her greatest legacy". In his opinion, “Margaret Thatcher is undeniably one of the main political figures of the 20th century. She was an example of conviction, courage and had to be ability to respond to any challenge. She was, indeed, one of the strongest and most courageous advocates of freedom of the past century”.

“Not only did she put an end to the socialist hegemony of the United Kingdom, but also to the environment of resignation and social and economic failure. She never resigned herself to being just the best manager of an alien paradigm. Instead, she was able to create her own, which was one of growth and prosperity, built upon the pillars of freedom and reforms” Aznar declared after being informed of her death.

Furthermore, he stated that “we also owe Thatcher the strengthening of the transatlantic bond, which was decisive in the defeat of Communism. She played a very demanding yet loyal role within the European Union. She was the great renovator of both British and European politics. With her, the United Kingdom attained its greatest level of international power and influence of the last decades”.


Aznar declared that as a result of all this, FAES Foundation distinguished Baroness Thatcher in 2010 with the FAES Freedom Award, which was presented personally by him in a private act held at Thatcher’s residence in London.

Moreover, FAES published in Spanish the book “El Presidente, el Papa y la Primera Ministra. Un trío que cambió el mundo”, written by John O’Sullivan. It was published by Gota a Gota in 2007, with a foreword by José María Aznar. In 2009, FAES published a Paper titled “Thatcher: Consensus and Circumstances”, written by Tom Burns Marañon.