FAES has launched the book by Xavier Reyes _Más liberal que libertador_


FAES has launched the book by Xavier Reyes _M?s liberal que libertador_ Fernando Garc?a de Cort?zar, author of the prologue, and Jos? Varela Ortega, will participate in the launch The work, about Francisco de Miranda and the birth of democracy in America, won the 1808 Bicentenary Award /27.07.10/ The Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis (FAES) has launched today, Thursday May 27, in Madrid, the book written by Xavier Reyes Matheus _M?s liberal que libertador. Francisco de Miranda y el nacimiento de la democracia en Europa y Am?rica_. With this work, the author won the 1808 Bicentenary Award in its edition of "Classical-Liberalism in Latin America". With this prize, FAES sought to reward the spreading of the ethos of classical-liberal and centre-reformist ideas. During the launch of the book celebrated at Casa de Am?rica, Reyes Matheus has defended that "love of freedom cannot be nourished from authoritarianism nor from paternalism" as the effect of both methods "is precisely the opposite". "Liberators only offer us freedom to leave us at their mercy", he declared. In coincidence with the bicentenary of the first independences of Latin American countries, Reyes has made a claim for the value of "turning our eyes back to the moment when those republics were founded, in order to acknowledge that they were all born under the same European momentum of civil freedoms". Also participating in the launch were Fernando Garc?a de Cortazar, National History Award and Jos? Varela Ortega, president of the Ortega y Gasset Foundation. Garc?a de Cortazar, author of the prologue of the book, has defined Francisco de Miranda as an "Enlightened and Transatlantic classical-liberal" and has referred to freedom as "a possession as precious as water, which, if not put away, escapes and dissipates". Jos? Varela Ortega, in turn, referred to the other major subject of the book by Reyes Matheus, democracy, not as a victory but as a "an agreement of laws to limit the sovereign". "Democracy is not a confrontation system but a reconciliation one. The pact is a civil possession", he concluded. Xavier Reyes Matheus, cofounder and academic director of RANGEL (Network for the action of new Latin American study groups, in its Spanish acronym), approaches, through this book published by FAES" imprint, Gota a Gota, the figure of Francisco de Miranda, architect of the democratic and liberal project who, imbued with the ideas of the Enlightenment, inspired the independence of the republics of Latin America. According to Reyes Matheus, "Miranda is a political thinker of universal interest, approaching with his observations figures like Alexis de Tocqueville, Raymond Aron o Hanna Arendt".