We Are All Resistance


http://assets.fundacionfaes.org/Home+FAES/LIBERTAD_CUBA_DES.jpg! Jaime Garc?a-Legaz: "Cuba has lost one of its dissidents, but has won a martyr of freedom" "That is the real face of the Cuban regime: a machine for the systematic violation of the most essential rights" Jorge Moragas: "The leaders of Latin America and the European Union are meeting together these days, I am requesting that they speak up, that they demand the immediate release of prisoners of conscience" "It would be disgraceful that silence were the result of that gathering" Esperanza Aguirre: "The "achievement" of the Cuban regime is turning a country that has it all to be a paradise, into a repressive hell. Into a regime based on fear, repression and lies" "Determination is not the only effective way of handling tyranny, but the way of preserving dignity, influence, and respect as a nation" Alina Fern?ndez: "Cuba has ceased to be a dream and has become a reality that cannot continue being ignored" "It is a country deep in the schizophrenia that a single family has levied on the whole island" The voices of democrats in the diaspora: Ra?l Rivero: "No vayan a prohibirme la nostalgia. No decreten que ese dolor interno es subversivo. D?jenme all? so?ar que no me he ido?" Manifest for the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba, before going into exile in Spain Marcelino Miyares: "We have been fighting for 51 years" "They have finally acknowledged that, in Cuba, all articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are being violated" "We have to put an end to the stigma that those who are outside Cuba cease being. Put an end to the stigmatisation of exile" Orlando Guti?rrez: "The Cuban opposition has chosen a type of fight: civil resistance" "Faith in victory, because we are all resistance" Miguel Sigler: "Today, the Castrist military dictatorship is shaking, teetering" Carlos Alberto Montaner: "The whole structure of power is fully convinced that the system does not work" "They have to change because they are not supported anymore, anywhere. There is life beyond dictatorship, there is a possibility of making reforms before a final catastrophe falls upon the island" Wilfried Martens: "I think it is important that the Cuban pacifist opposition forces join aims even if means differ. Each addition of one of those forces is a force less for the totalitarian regime" "True democrats will not rest until the unique revolution prevails, the revolution of freedom" Jorge Quiroga: "We must be democratic ambidextrous regimes, let us defend not the right leniency, but the right to choose, they right to travel?" "The fight for freedom is not done through prohibitions, through embargoes. We cannot allow those democrats who set an embargo on their voices remaining silent before what is happening in Cuba" "Before those who say "the fatherland belongs to the regime, and civil death to whoever dislikes this fact": freedom and democracy and life in Latin America today and for ever. Alejandro Toledo: "There is no space in Latin America for silence or ambiguity in the fight to recover democracy and freedom in Cuba" Jos? Mar?a Aznar: "This morning, the Cubans attending the seminar organised by FAES Foundation and CES at the Spanish Congress have expressed the necessity of keeping pressure on dictatorship from Europe, using the EU stance agreed to in 1996" "A common stance that seeks to promote a peaceful transition to democracy, encouraging a constructive dialogue with all sectors of society, and conditioning the relationship with the regime to the effective progress regarding human rights" "Cuba needs a peaceful transition to democracy and this will never come from appeasement and complacency"