Spain's Situation Demands Patriotism

24/11/2010 Jos? Mar?a Aznar: I agree with those who, from the Government, demand patriotism. Because indeed Spain's situation today demands patriotism. But I do not agree with those same people addressing that demand for patriotism only to the rest of people, as if they were exonerated from fulfilling that same duty ? Patriotism is the commitment with the nation, with Spain and the Spanish people. ? Patriotism is the commitment with the historical continuity of the Spanish nation. It is keeping the reconciliation spirit expressed in our democratic transition. It is also not excluding those that simply think differently. ? Patriotism is not remaining silent before errors, which are many and very serious. ? Patriotism is promoting what unites us and not exacerbating what separates us. ? Patriotism is knowing that diversity distinguishes us without making us clash. ? Patriotism is confidence in the efforts Spaniards are willing to do if asked with a sincere and an exemplary nature. ? Patriotism is being very aware that we Spaniards have known how to successfully respond to the many challenges we have met: the consolidation of democracy, the entrance into Europe, the defeat of terrorism, the modernisation of our economy, the entrance to the euro: that is, when we have been set common targets, common ambitions no matter how difficult or demanding they were. ? Patriotism is not disguising errors as noble lies. ? Patriotism is not the refuge to hide the damage being caused to the country. On these critical moments for Spain, with so much squandered credit, so much confidence lost, so many families in anguish, with nearly 5 millions unemployed and brutal destruction of companies, it is essential to remind that the Spanish people, led by good policies, were capable of attaining great achievements It is time for patriotism. That is, the time has come for talking about effort, unity, integration, courage, responsibility, hard work, and of thinking in the interest of Spaniards, especially in those that need it the most Sensible environmentalism and market rationality are not excluding ideas. Even though some try it, environmentalism cannot be a synonym for public prohibitionist interventionism Ver?nica Lipperheide: Environmentalism does not belong to any ideology, nor is it anyone's monopoly. Environmentalism is common sense, respect, evolution. It is part of us all because we all need to live in an appropriate environment that doesn't negatively impact our quality of life or our individual and collective progress The Partido Popular is and was aware at that time that economic development must entail a greater protection of the environment. That in no case can it be done at the expense of a greater degradation of the environment and natural resources. That economic growth cannot be the excuse to destroy the environment, but rather the incentive to preserve it Creating this ministry was a turning point. Since 1996 to 2004 more was done for the environment than never before in Spain. Our environmental progress was boosted in a definitive way because a policy was implemented that was rational, comprehensive and efficient and which established the foundations of the current environmental policy Remarks by Jos? Mar?a Aznar ( Remarks by Ver?nica Lipperheide (