Juan Wilfredo Soto


http://assets.fundacionfaes.org/Fotos+desarrollo+home/2011/05/murdered.jpg Cuban dissident Juan Wilfredo Soto, a political prisoner for twelve years, has become this weekend the latest victim of the Castro brothers' regime. Threatened and persecuted for his support to Guillermo Fari?as and his affiliation to the Coalici?n Central Opositora, Juan Wilfredo died as a result of the beatings inflicted by the Castrist police. Guillermo Fari?as spoke to Juan Wilfredo in the hospital: He told me that last Thursday, when he was sitting at the downtown park Vidal, he was approached by two uniformed policemen who requested his documents and after examining them, they told him that 'he had to move along' [...] Soto responded that he was a free man and therefore could remain there, and then the police handcuffed him and beat him and then he started shouting slogans against the Government. Juan Wilfredo Soto died two days later. In its attempt to intimidate the Cubans, the regime tries to silence dissidents by all means. Violence is common, not only to try to prevent demonstrations against the regime, but to try to stop more people from joining the resistance movements. It is necessary that the democrats and defenders of freedom support Cuban dissidents and do everything possible to give them a voice and expose the crimes of the Cuban government. Juan Wilfredo was 46 years old and had two children, to whom FAES would like to send its condolences, as well as to all Cubans. We condemn the murder and support all dissidents who, peacefully, work for human rights, freedom and the arrival of democracy to Cuba. Photos: Yoani S?nchez http://assets.fundacionfaes.org/Fotos+desarrollo+home/2011/05/sonanddaughter.jpg http://assets.fundacionfaes.org/Fotos+desarrollo+home/2011/05/burial.jpg http://assets.fundacionfaes.org/Fotos+desarrollo+home/2011/05/sonofjws.jpg