International Course.- 'A New Atlantic Relationship'


The second course of the 2013 Campus FAES has been dedicated to international policy under the title 'A New Atlantic Relationship', organised by FAES director of the International Area, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo. The sessions have addressed the opening of negotiations for the creation of a transatlantic free trade area in order to strengthen the leadership of the West at a time of serious challenges.

These Campus' conferences have brought together prominent Spanish and foreign politicians, scholars and experts to also discuss the essential importance of the Rule of Law and its disturbing decline in some Latin American countries, the battle for freedom waged by Cuban dissidents, the defence of Human Rights as a democratic thermometer of the Arab transitions, and Europe's challenge of before the crisis of the Welfare State and political disaffection.


International Course

Pedro Morenés: 'The Defence of Spain and the Transatlantic Relationship'

Felipe Calderón: 'The Future of the Atlantic Relationship'

Hugh Thomas: 'Europe in Uncertain Times'

Yoani Sánchez: 'The Challenge of Freedom'

Round Table: 'Rule of Law and Institution Building in Latin America'

Round Table: 'Considerations on a Renewed Atlantic Policy'

Round Table: 'Human Rights in the Arab Transitions'

Round Table: 'Free thought and Open Society'

 Secretaría de Estado de Cooperación Internacional y para Iberoamérica