Press Release Cospedal: ‘Those who have no ideology have no project’



The secretary-general of the Popular Party, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, has participated in the opening session of the Campus, where she said that ‘those who have no ideology have no project’ and that the PP has before it a ‘transcendental challenge’ to explain what it has done ‘to prevent Spain falling into a situation like the Greek one’, but also ‘the obligation of recovering enthusiasm and convincing the Spanish people that the PP is the guarantee for institutional, political and social stability’. ‘We are working on it; we have to work hard and stay close to the citizens and listen to what they have to say,’ she said.

Cospedal also lambasted the PSOE and populism, branding them as ‘groups masquerading as something they are not’ wearing an ‘all-inclusive bracelet and selling chimeras which generate frustration’, as is happening in Greece. Faced with all this, she has defended the PP as ‘a party of convictions, for those who have no ideology, have no project, only foolish ideas and slogans that sound well only at the beginning’.