Análisis Change, confidence, truth and team work won again in Argentina


Gisela Scaglia is a national deputy of Santa Fe province and member of FAES Latin-American young leaders network since 2011.

On Sunday 22nd we lived an historic date. Against all odds, Argentines ratified again in the ballot boxes the path which began on October 2015 when we chose president Mauricio Macri. We won again against fear, resignation and all those who told us that we could not govern a country without the usual established power structures.

It was a vote of confidence gave by the people to a President who, with a lot of effort, with good and wrong choices, works with the aim of making Argentina come back to the world, eliminating poverty, attracting investment and carrying out the works that were not done during the last decade. We chose the most difficult path: to confront the mafias, corruption and fight drug trafficking so Argentina is not chosen by them as a place to be. Now we are starting to see the results.

Truth is always the path for us, even though sometimes it hurts, and it is the only way we have to confront problems and take the right decisions. Therefore, as soon as we arrived to power we decided to repair the INDEC (the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses) so we can rely once again on their figures. Today we know the real level of inflation and so the decisions we take lead us to its reduction month by month to achieve the challenge of having an inflation of one digit. We are aware of poverty and we work to help people leave it. We know it is not easy, and we never conceal it, with each decision we told people where we were stopped, what decisions we would take and in which way they would affect us, but always taking on account that everything that has been done is for growing.

I went over my province, Santa Fe, as many other deputies did on theirs. I visited neighbors, enterprises, business, schools and institutions and in every place, there was a message of hope. People asked us to tell the President “not to slacken” because he is doing what Argentines want. We are all willing to build our future, we are a team of people who want to live in other Argentina, and that is felt in each corner of our country.
Cambiemos (Let’s Change) is not a political brand. Cambiemos is a political project, it is the union of political parties which share values and face the challenges of governing Argentina with the differences, the debates and the necessary consensus to do it in the best possible way.

On Sunday there was not an election on people, there was an election of a team of people who works every day to make a better country. We put 40 national deputies’ legislatives seats at stake and we obtained 61. We won in provinces where we could have never won. And above all, we achieved victory in the province of Buenos Aires against the former president of the nation in the election of national senators.
We face a lot of challenges. There are important reforms awaiting for us at the Congress. We have to advance with the tax reform, because the burden of taxes impedes enterprises for growing; the reform of the electoral system, which is old-fashioned and needs to be changed; and we need to keep working hard on laws that do no leave any room for corruption, which hurt us so badly. In Argentina corruption not only stole public money and enriched the friends of those in power, it also killed people, snatched their dreams and the future of many generations.

On Sunday’s election the Government won because we are taking the right decisions and also because we prove we are doing the things that were not done for years: mortgage credits, the biggest ever infrastructure plan, air routes, we invest on railways and ports. And, above all, we are putting the highest budgetary investment on social issues, because we are sure this is the way. We emerged strengthened knowing that people trust us and dreams with the future.

I like to think like President Macri. He says: “We are the generation that is going to change Argentina forever” and I feel that is exactly what we are doing now. Argentines love Argentina and we are going to put all our efforts in our future because, as we say it here, “Yes, we can”.

Traducido por María Maseda

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