HM the Emeritus King turned 80 Aznar: “Mr. Juan Carlos set the way towards the peace, democracy and liberty wanted by the Spanish society”


Today HM the Emeritus King turned 80. The former President of the Government and President of FAES, José María Aznar, has manifested that “in his figure coincide both the Monarchy, depositary of Spain’s historical continuity, and the person, a king that marked the road towards the peace, democracy, and liberty wanted by the Spanish society. An ambitious objective which fostered our success as a nation and as a society of prosperity and cohabitation”.

“Mr. Juan Carlos has efficiently performed his institutional tasks and has firmly defended the Constitution each time it was necessary to reaffirm democracy. His reign will be remembered as one of the most relevant of the History of Spain” he claimed.

FAES awarded HM the Emeritus King with the I FAES Price of Liberty in 2009, recognizing his compromise with the reconciliation of the Spanish society, his role in the Transition period and for spreading the values of democracy and liberty in the whole world.

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