Papeles FAES Why the Italian left is always divided?


Pablo Martín de Santa Olalla. Profesor de Relaciones Internacionales

The Italian left will assist again to the general elections with the division as a common note. Before the appointment scheduled for March 4th, and at a time where the coalition seems to be really necessary due to the new electoral law that rewards coalitions over parties, the favoritisms, the confrontations and the lack of agreement on fundamental points suggest that there will be no joint candidacy. This report goes through the history of the division and succession of defeats in which the Italian left lives since the end of the PCI.

_Led first by Togliatti and then by Berlinguer, the golden era of the Italian communism, one of the most important in Western Europe, took place in the seventies.

_Between 1996 and 2001, in a period of five years, the power passed through the hands of a left Christian Democrat (Prodi), an a former Communist (D'Alema) and, finally a socialist (Amato).

_In less than seven years in the PD there were five general secretaries: Veltroni (2007-09), Franceschini (2009), Bersani (2009-13), Epifani (2013) and Renzi (2013-2017).

_In the absence of a clear leadership, the debate on which left should be leading and the natural tendency of Italy to conservatism, seem to be fundamental reasons for the division. 


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