Papeles FAES on the state of play in the island Human Rights in Cuba 2018


- With a prison population calculated by the CCDHRN (IFHR) of between 65,000 and 70,000 inmates, out of 11 million inhabitants, the countable number of political prisoners in Cuba is between 120 (CCDHRN, June 2018) and 140 (OCDH, October 2018). Even so, this list of political prisoners only includes those who belong to dissident organizations that have denounced their cases.

- For this article, we have selected 113 cases of political prisoners with accusations lacking violence, associated with crimes such as non-payment of fines, contempt, enemy propaganda or attack (a criminal figure that has little to do with the Western concept in legal terms).

- The dependence of the judiciary on the Communist Party and the Council of State is so high that it is the executive branch itself that uses the Penal Code to subdue the entire Cuban people, something that has been denounced for decades by organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch or the UN.

- The Penal Code is in itself a repressive instrument of first magnitude not only for activists, but for the population as a whole, in permanent debt to the state and in a condition of continuous subjugation.

- Organizations such as Amnesty International, HRW or IACHR do not have time to react to short-term detentions, something the Castro brothers have used on their behalf to dismantle the opposition.

- Since 2010, the regime has exponentially increased repression because of its need to control the growing activism that has emerged in the population.

- By limiting the freedoms and all the social and emotional progress they entail, the economy and entrepreneurship have been curbed and the system has become its own enemy.

- Criticism from governments and politicians in different countries, as well as the forced release of prisoners such as José Daniel Ferrer and Tomás Núñez Magdariaga have disrupted the omnipotent regime.

- Obama's great legacy is to have dismantled the great lie of the external enemy, something that all dictators have used for millennia to maintain their dominions.

- The Cuban regime does not understand about peace or rights. The world cannot afford what Cuba has caused in Venezuela, and it will not be able to behave with a tie. You can never tie the game with a regime that needs to gobble up its inability to produce.

- It is time to put a firm, peaceful and external end to the regime, which is drowning in its own economic and management incompetence.

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