Papeles FAES The Spanish Constitution. Four perspectives on its 40th anniversary


Contemplating the Spanish Constitution when it celebrates its 40th anniversary is the best recognition that can be made to the great agreement of coexistence between Spaniards. This study integrates four essays that underline what the Constitution, beyond its consideration as a legal norm, has had as a way of access to a reality that our country -determined to overcome its worst history- wanted to meet again. It does so from a fourfold perspective: institutional quality, reconciliation agreement, Constitution and Europe, and the referential value of the Transition in Latin America.

España. Un país con calidad democrática
Eduardo Fernández Luiña es analista político de FAES

Constitución y reconciliación
Pedro Corral es periodista y escritor

La Constitución de 1978 y Europa
Eugenio Nasarre fue diputado en las Cortes Generales. Es presidente del Consejo Federal Español del Movimiento Europeo

La Constitución: 40 años de vocación iberoamericana
Alberto Carnero es embajador de España

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