Ana Palacio, José María de Areilza y Javier Zarzalejos debate about the future of Europe New stage in the EU: politics is back


The European Union is still a great political project that has to be strengthened in political, economic and strategic terms. Around this axis the conversation flows among the FAES Head, Javier Zarzalejos, the former Foreign Affairs Minister Ana Palacio, and the PhD Doctor in Law by Harvard University José María de Areilza about the new stage in the EU, in which politics are going to weigh more than law, and which implies an opportunity that Spain must take advantage to clearly play its cards. The three of them seem sure about that Europe faces four strategic challenges -economic, ideological, institutional and of positioning in the world-, and this implies “talking about the future” and to “relaunch the project of the EU”.

This #FAESDialogues does not avoid cold data. “In 2030, there will only be one European country among the top ten economies of the world: Germany”, Palacio has claimed, for whom the “vital issue” of Europe is “the need for global impact”. The previous step, they have agreed, is necessarily the Brexit resolution, the element that has kept the 27 united, during the last stage, “due to the fear of contagion” and which they are facing optimistically: “We are moving towards a second referendum”.

The weight of the badly damaged transatlantic relation in the future of Europe has occupied too part of the debate. “The EU cannot be understood without the intentioned participation of the USA”, has claimed Areilza, who has regretted that “Trump does not identify himself with the liberal democracy values, he does not understand the Western values as his”. Thus, it has asserted, supported by Palacio, “it is on the Europeans to reinvent what means to be Euro-enthusiast today”.

It is in this context in which it has to be defined the new community power distribution, when Christian Democrats and Social-democrats have transferred part of their natural space and “the differences between States are going to be more relevant”. In conclusion, this new #FAESDialogues offers a new detailed approximation to a completely distinct game board in which Europe ─and Spain─ have to make their assets worth.

Palacio |The EU is in an intergovernmental moment in which we have to think about the European impact in the world”.

Areilza | “The Parliament is going to have difficulties for achieving majorities. The important for fixing the agenda is the initiative of the Government leaders and the Commission presidency”.

Areilza | “We are moving towards a second referendum, and the best news for Europe would be to achieve that the British would decide to stay”

Palacio | “The conservatives will not choose a leader depending on Brexit, but depending on the next United Kingdom elections”

Areilza | Trump does not identify himself with the liberal democracy values, he does not understand the Western values as his. It is on the Europeans to reinvent what it means to be Euro-enthusiast today in terms of project and civilisation”

Palacio |USA is focused on other issues, but it is still the essential nation for peace and prosperity through the law”.

Areilza | “There is a Spanish guidance and people in key positions deficit in the EU. Poland and Italy do not want to be in the first European speed, thus it is a good moment for Spain to try to play to be the third one”.

Palacio |Spain’s role is extremely vital: to openly play our cards knowing our interests and possibilities”

Palacio | “In this new stage politics is going to weigh more than law. We have complaint about bureaucracy; now politics is back. Let’s use it”

Areilza | “Europe has to talk about the future, it has to be the Europe of the next generation. We have to relaunch the project”.

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