VideoanálisisFAES de Carlos de Mesa, expresidente de Bolivia y candidato electoral

"En Bolivia hemos evitado una dictadura; ahora hay que construir una democracia de verdad"

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El borrador del nuevo Estatuto Vasco aborda la autodeterminación, la bilateralidad y la ciudadanía diferenciada

Urkullu también tiene un plan

Es cuestión de pura supervivencia que los partidos leales a la Constitución comprendan la peculiar idiosincrasia de los nacionalistas; adviertan los efectos que en el sistema político español ha desplegado su influencia desmesurada; y obren en consecuencia.

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Urkullu también tiene un plan
Economía circular: necesidad y oportunidad para España
Towards more sustainable and sustained growth over time

Circular economy: need and opportunity for Spain

Europe has made the circular economy one of its political priorities and Spain is committed to moving in this direction. This FAES Paper gathers reflections and recommendations on the challenges and opportunities that underlie this paradigm shift.

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Claves de éxito de la transición energética
Especial Papeles FAES

Keys for a successful energy changeover

The energy changeover is a change of model of a greater depth and scope than any of the ones proposed to date and will require a rigorous decision-making process that combines technical stringency, political consensus, regulatory accuracy and the involvement of stakeholders.

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Constitución española. Cuatro miradas
Recognition of the great agreement of coexistence between the Spanish people

The Spanish Constitution. Four perspectives

The Constitution became the key with which Spain gained access to a new reality. This study integrates four essays that underline its value from four different perspectives: institutional quality, reconciliation agreement, Constitution and Europe, and the referential value of the Transition in Latin America.

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FAES propone una transformación radical de la OTAN
Report ‘The Atlantic Alliance 70 Years Later: From Reform to Rebuilding’

FAES proposes a radical transformation of NATO

Without a common strategy, the Alliance will gradually face away. Its survival is only possible through US leadership, a new Strategic Concept and a return to defence investment.

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La Alianza Atlántica 70 años después: de la reforma a la refundación
FAES Papers Special

The Atlantic Alliance 70 Years Later: From Reform to Rebuilding

Seventy years after its creation, the Atlantic Alliance is weaker. Can we accept this NATO as the new normal? Is it an acceptable result of adapting to a new period? Should we not aspire to a better Alliance? Does NATO's existence in 2019 really make sense?

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El presidente electo de Guatemala visita FAES
El nuevo mandatario centroamericano tomará posesión en enero

Encuentro con el presidente electo de Guatemala

Alejandro Giammattei ha mantenido un encuentro con el presidente José María Aznar, quien le ha animado a poner en marcha su agenda de medidas reformistas y le he trasladado su apoyo a su proyecto de integración centroamericana.

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Article in ‘El Correo’

"Regardless of how it's staged, PSOE, UP and ERC have it all proven"

There is no government project behind this game of impossible laces. There can't be. What is paradoxical is that it has been the Socialists themselves who have facilitated the repertoire to verbalize the nonsensical nature of the endeavour.

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“Al margen de cómo lo escenifiquen, PSOE, UP y ERC ya lo tienen todo probado”
Sharing the principles of defence of Spain, constitutional order and liberal democracy

FAES, 30 years at the service of Spain

FAES has celebrated its 30th anniversary surrounded by the friends who have made it possible, by its patrons and by many of those who collaborate with it and share the principles of defence of Spain, constitutional order and liberal democracy. To all of them, our special thanks.

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Perspectivas Económicas | Desaceleración e incertidumbres
FAES Dialogues with Fernando Fernández and Manuel Balmaseda

Economic Outlook | Slowdown and Uncertainties

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Federalismo y sistema presidencial en EEUU. ¿Por qué el impeachment?
FAES Papers

Federalism and Presidential System in the United States: Why Impeachment?

The United States is embarking on its fourth impeachment investigation. This Papers explain its origins, its conception under the premise of not being initiated by legal crime, but by a political one against the people, and not being a partisan tool to attack an adversary.

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Una reforma educativa para un país mejor
Cuadernos de Pensamiento Político 64

Una reforma educativa para un país mejor

Derecho a la educación, libertad de enseñanza y de creación de centros docentes y derecho de los padres a elegir la formación de sus hijos son las premisas, recogidas ya en la Constitución, que la autora señala como puntos de partida para aunar un gran pacto educativo nacional que, más allá de componentes ideológicos, dé estabilidad y calidad al sistema educativo español.

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José María Aznar:
After the announcement of the Pre-Agreement of Government

José María Aznar: "The most damaging option for Spain"

"There were two options: a great constitutional agreement or a great radical agreement that includes communists and independentists. Everything seems that the worst possible formula has been chosen, and that will have very serious consequences from a constitutional, economic and social point of view”.

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Después del 10N
Frankenstein compared to what seems to come will be a model of harmony

After 10N

With the backdrop of an accelerating economic slowdown, the curtain has been raised for us to see the spectacle of two politicians paired by their ambition and weakness. They star in a play between entanglement and drama. What has little mystery is the outcome. It will end badly, even if not soon.

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Chile: respuesta democrática ante el estallido social
Piñera offers three major national agreements

Chile: democratic response to social explosion

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Bolivia ante la incertidumbre de una transición política
There is no coup d’état as several governments aligned with the ‘socialism of the 21st century’ pretend to demonstrate

Bolivia in the face of the uncertainty of a political transition

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FAES conmemora el 30 aniversario del derribo del Muro de Berlín con 12 testimonios
Tres décadas del triunfo de la democracia liberal sobre el totalitarismo comunista

FAES conmemora el 30 aniversario del derribo del Muro de Berlín con 12 testimonios

#MuroDeBerlín #Democracia #Libertad
El Presidente, el Papa y la Primera Ministra
Three personalities who contributed decisively to the collapse of the Wall

The President, the Pope and the Prime Minister

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Directed by Javier Zarzalejos

Cuadernos FAES de Pensamiento Político 64

The new issue of the FAES magazine includes articles on the new welfare challenges, the causes and consequences of electoral polarisation, the evolution of the relationship between Europe and the United Kingdom after the Brexit, the crisis in US foreign policy, the role of China and the need for educational reform, among others.

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Cuadernos FAES de Pensamiento Político 64
Sedición y mentira
FAES Analysis after Supreme Court Sentence

Sedition and lies

The ruling of the Supreme Court offers subject matter for detailed consideration and also for disagreement. The effective enforcement of sentences without benefits is an essential question of the credibility of the democratic legal order. The judgement also raises questions to be addressed in the future: there are matters of legislative policy that must be addressed in order to update the means at the disposal of the rule of law to ensure its integrity.

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Sobre la Historia y la Memoria
Papeles FAES

About History and Memory

FAES brought together notable historians and intellectuals to discuss the PSOE’s draft law on Historical Memory in order to review details and media purposes. 

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Papeles FAES

Consecuencias del declive demográfico en España

Nuestro futuro tiene pésimas perspectivas si no se hace de la recuperación de la natalidad una prioridad. De lo contrario asistiremos al empobrecimiento económico y familiar-afectivo, la hegemonía de los votantes jubilados y la continua pérdida de peso internacional

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Cataluña en claro

Una reflexión sobre Cataluña como parte de España, y una reafirmación de la realidad cívica, integradora y de progreso que es la democracia española, que tiene su mejor expresión en la Constitución de 1978. El documento reúne las ponencias de los seminarios sobre el secesionismo catalán organizados por FAES.

#Cataluña #secesionismo #España #Constitución


FAES Report

Latin America. A 2018 Agenda of Freedom

Ibero America is going through a deep process of transition that proves the failure of the 21st Century Socialism; but, after more than three decades of elections and alternation, democracy is still facing consolidation problems. We reflect on this new report about this challenge, together with the crave for democratic quality and the need for trade openness.

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